Successfully Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals

The trouble with people who want to lose weight is that they’re very enthusiastic. This desire to shed a huge amount of weight could usually only lead to stopping early and ending off with huge disappointments.

When it comes to achieving successful weight loss goals, begin first by developing a long term objective. Then, each objective you set must have mini-goals within it. This will keep you inspired and will certainly function as a barometer to your progress.

Here’s an instance of a fat burning goal chart. The primary goal can be broken down into smaller sized goals, and then again into even smaller goals which are detailed and simple to achieve.

Main Goal: Lose adequate weight so I can fit into my old pants within the next 6 months.

Goal # 1. Eat properly proportioned meals.

Goal # 1a. Significantly decrease the amount of junk and processed food that I eat. Do not “super-size” it anymore. Order the little fries as opposed to the large french fries. Order the smaller burger and eat it slowly.
Goal # 1b. Order water instead of a pop, soda or juice.
Goal # 1c. When visiting a restaurant, consume enough food just up until I’m no longer hungry, and take the rest of the food as take-out to eat the next day.

Goal # 2. Learn to exercise.

Goal # 2a. Start walking more and take the stairs at a shopping mall or at my job, rather than taking the elevator/escalator every time.
Goal # 2b. When going grocery shopping, park further and further away from the entrance doors.
Goal # 2c. Do 2 to 3 sit-ups to lift myself up whenever I get out of bed or from lying down on the couch.

Goal # 3. Monitor what I eat and drink.

Goal # 3a. Begin looking at the labels on foods that I purchase. If I can’t pronounce the ingredient, don’t know what it is, or if it has a number in the name, it’s not good for me.
Goal # 3b. Make more and more meals from scratch. I’ll not only save some money, but I’ll also know what is, and isn’t, in my food.

Good luck on your quest for a healthier life! 


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