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The Best Turnkey Weight Loss and Detox Program

If you are a health professional or practitioner, and are looking to bring our successful 10 Day Transformation program to your clients, you’re in the right place.

The 10 Day Transformation is a proven program that bring optimal results to your clients. It is the fastest, healthiest, simplest, and most cost effective weight loss and detoxification program, that allows your clients to feel more energetic, be happier, and shed anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds, all within 10 days.

How The Program Began

I first heard about this weight loss protocol from from a friend who told me that you could lose some serious weight in 10 days with these products. As a Holistic Nutritionist, I immediately dismissed it as a ‘fad’ diet, which would simply cause more harm than good in the long run. My understanding was that it was impossible to lose up to 20 pounds in 10 days without resorting to some form of starvation. Worse yet, anyone who did follow the program would just end up gaining the weight that they lost and add on additional pounds in the process. It was not interesting to me at all.

Then a few weeks later, another friend told me about the exact same protocol, and encouraged me to look into it further. Was the Universe trying to tell me something? I decided to look into it further, still with doubt and speculation that it wasn’t going to be healthy at all. So I looked up the products, and I researched the company who manufactures them.

What I discovered was nothing short of groundbreaking.

It wasn’t about focusing on weight loss, but rather focusing on detoxifying and healing the body through the abundance of nutrients! Now THAT made much more sense!

As health practitioners, we know that the body is an amazing piece of machinery, designed to be self-healing its entire life. When you get a cut, you clean it and then bandage it up in order to reduce possible infection through the introduction of bacteria and toxins at the surface level. But when your body already has toxins inside, what does it do? Your body first eliminates the toxins through several pathways including bowels, bladder, skin, breathing and, for women, menses.

However, if the toxic load is greater than the body’s ability to eliminate those toxins, it stores it in FAT. It is worthy to note that we are not simply referring to chemical toxins, but also unused excess hormones including cortisol and estrogen. And beyond that, we can also include emotional toxins that result from stress.

I began to see the protocol in a different way; a truly WHOLISTIC way. So, I decided to give the protocol a shot and tested it out on myself and my wife.

Our first few days presented a few minor challenges, including cravings and headaches, which is common at the start of a detox. At the end of our 10 days, we both had tremendous results. My wife lost her post-pregnancy weight and reshaped her body, so she had to go out to buy new clothes as she had trimmed a total of several inches on her measurements. For me, I lost 6 pounds, and my “daddy gut” (which is what I affectionately called my belly) totally went away, and I regained definition in my abdominal muscles (i.e. it went from ‘ab’ to ‘abs’).

Based on our positive results, we reached out to family and friends and shared our experiences with them, and invited them to give the protocol a shot. They, too, had remarkable results that were not only physical, but also LIFE CHANGING. The way that we look at foods now is totally different than before starting the protocol.

From that point on, I decided that this was something I had to incorporate into my nutrition practice. My clients all experienced positive results, and I started noticing that more and more clients started coming in, registering for the program, and they were all being referred by the original group of clients.

After the first month of launching this program, my revenue had increased by almost $3000. That’s when I made the decision to create a system around the 10 day protocol that could be quickly integrated into any health professional or practitioner’s practice, so that people across the country could benefit from the program. Health professionals and practitioners will not only learn about the 10 Day Transformation protocol and how to support their clients with it, but they will also receive sales and marketing support – a feature which is essential for any successful health business.

The 10 Day Transformation Program was borne.

My intention is to provide YOU with the same successful results that I am continuing to achieve. Our list of health professionals is growing each month as we bring on and teach them how the program works, and get them to be client-focused by providing a results-based program that has proven itself.

Benefit from These Five R’s in Your Practice


Your patients and clients are going to heal faster and will feel better after following the 10-Day Transformation.


With a proper followup plan that you’ll create for your clients after they’ve completed their 10 day journey, they’ll be able to maintain their weight and healthy lifestyle for life.


Happy clients refer all of their friends, family members and coworkers. Referral marketing is the cheapest but most effective method of growing your practice.


As you help more clients, you’ll also be making more money. The opposite is true too – no clients…no money. So by incorporating the 10 Day Transformation into your practice, you’ll be able to increase your income substantially.


With this program, you’ll be able to have clients order their products by themselves online. This maintains a low overhead cost for your business, but also empowers your clients to be in charge of their own health and wellness.

Why It Works So Well

The 10 Day Transformation weight loss and detoxification protocol works so amazingly well because it is focusing on one simple task, and that is by nourishing the body with a high quantity of pure essential nutrients, but reducing the amount of calories at the same time. By giving the body what it truly needs, and not providing it with fillers, binders, colours, additives and preservatives, the body can do what it does best – HEAL. This is what human homeostasis is; a state when the human body maintains balance and returns the organ systems to a normal functioning state.

High nutrients and low calories results in the body burning fat as its primary energy source. That is why your client can shed 5 to 20 pounds in 10 days. But the best part about it all is that your client will feel more energetic, stronger, and have a true sense of connection with their body during, and after they complete the 10 Day Transformation.

By joining the team, you’ll be working with like-minded health professionals with the goal of helping clients achieve their optimal health levels quickly and efficiently. You’ll receive complete training on the products, the program and also receive marketing tips that will help you build a strong and successful business.

Benefits of Joining the Team

By joining the team, you’ll not only be able to work with like-minded health professionals and practitioners, but you’ll also be able to help your clients achieve their health and wellness goals in a fast, duplicable way. Sales, support training as well as marketing material and marketing training will be provided, which will help you reach out to your current clients and also retain new ones, thus increasing your business revenue substantially.

Turnkey Detox and Weight Management System

The 10-Day Transformation Program is a complete turnkey system that allows Health Professionals to do what they do best – help their clients to heal their bodies, and live a long healthy happy life. When you join as a Transformation Coordinator, your clients will be supported through a series of automatic daily support emails and audios, that will guide them through the entire process from Day 1 to Day 10 and beyond.

With a 98% compliance rate and 100% of those individuals achieving their healthy body goals, the 10 Day Transformation Program is a perfect solution for your professional health practice.


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