We are now onto the second phase of the program – the Maintenance Plan.

Great work on reaching your healthy body goal!

During the Maintenance period, the goal is to identify which foods work with the body, and which foods work against the body.

How do we know what works for or against your body? You will FEEL it.

Usually when people consume foods that their body does NOT work well with, symptoms that were present prior to starting the 10 Day Transformation reappear. The following is a short list of common symptoms:

  • Gas, bloating and flatulence
  • Stomach or belly distension
  • Overwhelming feeling of fullness
  • Lethargy
  • Headache
  • Aches and Pains
  • …and more

Note, the list of symptoms for everyone is different. Some clients have even experienced the elimination of symptoms from diagnosed illnesses while on the program, but have the symptoms from the illness reappear partially when reintroducing foods back into their diet.

From my experience with clients, we have been able to find out through this reintroduction program, several foods and dishes which do not aggravate their bodies, leaving them with a clear food/meal plan going forward. It is when you are consuming foods which work FOR your body, instead of against, that you will achieve a healthy manageable weight.

Food Reintroduction Instructions

For days 11 through 20 (after you complete your 10 Day Transformation), it is suggested that you choose ONE MEAL PER DAY, EACH DAY, and taking the Power Shake and Master Amino Acid Pattern for the remaining two meals of the day. You may choose to consume solid foods for either breakfast or lunch, but do your best to make your dinner the Power Shake. This will allow you to easily determine whether or not the meal you ate is compatible with your body. At 9:30pm, or a half hour before bedtime, take your Apothe Cherry drink, as normal.

Please note that this schedule is already in your 10 Day Transformation guide that you received in your starter kit, however, if you require additional copies, please click on the button below to download a PDF of the schedule.

Here is an example if you are choosing to eat a solid food breakfast:

At 7:00am, take your 5 Master Amino Acid Pattern tablets.

At a minimum of 30 minutes after taking your amino acid supplement, you may have a breakfast of your liking. Choose something on the simple side, and of course, make it as healthy as possible. Check the sample recipes handout that you should have received via email or click here to download the PDF. There are at least 3 healthy breakfast options for you to try out if you are out of breakfast ideas. Whatever you choose to eat, make sure to mark this down on your Food Maintenance Schedule and write down whether or not the food was okay or not okay for your body.

Continue on with the rest of your schedule of amino acids and shakes, and the cherry drink before bed.

Then the next morning, introduce a different breakfast, making sure to write it down on your Food Maintenance Schedule. You will follow this for the remaining days until you complete day 20.

By introducing a single meal each day, this allows you the ability to determine whether your body is compatible with the food or not. If, for instance, you had an omelette for breakfast and noticed that you experienced bloating and felt a little lethargic that day, you would note on your food reintroduction schedule how you felt. Because of those symptoms, you would categorize omelettes as NOT compatible with your body.

Over the next 10 days, you’ll have a list of breakfasts that work and do not work for you, and you would have consumed 20 of the 30 servings of the 10 Day Transformation kit you purchased.

For days 21 through 30:

Since you only used up 2/3 of the products on days 11 to 20, you should have at least 1/3 left over to use during days 21 through 30.

This last set of 10 days is where you can now introduce TWO solid food meals per day. Just make sure to eat based on what foods you were compatible with that are on your Food Maintenance Schedule, and then expand the list with more foods during these last 10 days.

By the end of day 30, you will likely have an expansive list of foods which your body can tolerate. You are best off if you consume foods that you marked as ‘okay to eat’ as these items are easily digested by your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I want to continue losing more weight?

A: If you are looking to release more weight, then you should look into doing another 10 Day Transformation. It is safe to do so, and we have many clients who have gone 20, 30 and 40+ days, with a few buffer days in between. Simply contact your personal Transformation Coordinator to arrange the purchase of additional products.

Q: Do I have to keep using the products for life?

A: The quick answer is ‘no’, however, if you did choose to do so, you can safely do it. In fact, many people choose to consume 1 Power Shake and 1 serving of Master Amino Acids on a daily basis as a way to continue receiving high levels of nutrient dense superfoods into their diet. The Apothe Cherry is a great way to continue having restful sleeps and lower inflammation in your body.

Q: Isn’t this an expensive option to eating normal food?

A: Your per-serving cost is, on average, the same as you would spend on making your own food, and less than if you were to buy take-out food. Your buying power is simply being redirected from one place to another, often resulting in no additional money being spent.

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