Welcome to Day 1 of your 10-Day Transformation!

What an exciting day this is! We are so excited that you’re getting started on this new chapter in your life.

First thing’s First: Listen to this Audio

Please make sure to listen to our daily audios at the start of your day.  They will help guide and inspire you to maintain the 10-Day Transformation and complete it successfully. 

You should have all of your products on hand by now, so you’ll want to take care of the logistics now, in order to stay on schedule.

Here are some tips for you to successfully make it through your 10-Day Transformation:

  • Make sure you have your supplements and shake with you each and every day:
    • Place 1 serving of the Master Amino Acid Pattern into each of the 3 compartments in the storage accessory in your shaker bottle.  This will be 1 comlete day’s worth of supplements.
    • Place 2 rounded and heaping scoops of the Power Shake into the other half of the storage accessory. This will be 1 of your 3 servings of the Power Shake for the day.
    • Place another 2 rounded and heaping scoops of the Power Shake into the shaker cup itself. Make sure the shaker cup is DRY – it should only contain the ‘magic ball’ and the 2 scoops of the Power Shake. This will be the 2nd of your 3 servings from the day.
    • If you are not going to be home by 6:30pm to drink your last Power Shake of the day, you’ll want to store a 3rd portion (2 slightly rounded scoops) in a small “Ziploc” baggie.
  • Enter your supplement and shake schedule into your smartphone or agenda, and make sure to follow it daily. (see below for the schedule) Timeliness is key with the 10 Day Transformation, so do your best to be on schedule.
  • According to the schedule, you should be taking the Apothe-Cherry at 9:30pm. You should really only take this about 30 minutes before you go to bed for it to be most effective, so if you are going to bed at 11pm, you should take the Apothe-Cherry at 10:30pm.

Your 10 Day Transformation Schedule

If you require any assistance while on your 10-Day Transformation, please visit www.facebook.com/10daytransformations and post your questions there, or simply contact your Transformation Coordinator.

By the way, you will receive another message tomorrow morning at 6am, which will contain more support information and your Day 2 audio.

Make sure to check your email at the start of every day! =)

Looking forward to your successful journey!


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