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The 10 Day Transformation is a highly successful weight loss and detoxification program that has a foundation that has been around for over 20 years.
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This guided detox weight loss program consists of 3 products which are consumed daily instead of your standard beverages and meals. We like to say that it’s a 10 day vacation from your regular foods, because that’s exactly what it is. Instead of consuming foods that you may have been eating before that has gotten you to where you are now, you’ll be resetting your metabolism, eliminating cravings, and burning excess fat in your body, by consuming a nutrient-dense superfood shake made from organic green vegetables, a 100% pure amino acid supplement, and as a treat, a tart cherry drink before bed.

Being hungry is similar to being thirsty. If you’re thirsty, that means you’re dehydrated, so you decide to drink a glass of water, and your thirst goes away. The symptom of hunger is actually a sign that your body is MALNOURISHED and requires additional nutrients in order to survive.

The 10 Day Transformation is so rich in nutrients that your body loves, that, for the most part, most people do not experience hunger while on the program.

However, we have to differentiate TRUE hunger vs FAKE hunger. “True” hunger is symptom that occurs when the body is UNDERnourished. “Fake” hunger is a result of old habits and cravings cropping up. People who do the 10 Day Transformation may experience symptoms of hunger during the first few days of the program, but it is usually the body and brain struggling with the change in diet. The body is receiving loads of nutrition on this program, so “true” hunger should not occur.

While optimal results are achieved by sticking to the program completely, there are many “Flex Items” which may optionally be consumed, including organic apples, avocados, cucumbers, Kombucha, broths, organic berries, watermelon, or mostly other fresh fruits and vegetables.

That’s the great part about the 10 Day Transformation weight loss and detoxification program! Not only is it the most nutritious cleanse and weight loss program available, but it will also SAVE you time while you’re on it. Instead of going to the grocery store, picking and buying your produce, taking it home and preparing it multiple times a day, everything that you need is inside your 10 Day Transformation kit. It only takes a total of a few minutes each day to prepare your shakes, amino acid supplements and tart cherry drink. A great feature that a lot of participants love is that it’s easy to incorporate into their busy lifestyles. (Another added bonus is that you won’t have all those dishes to clean either!)

Your program may be customized by one of our Transformation Coordinators according to your body size and requirements, but generally even if you’re over 6ft tall, your body will still be receiving more than enough nutrients on this program.

Yes, you may exercise while on the 10 Day Transformation, however, we do suggest that you do your best to relax during the first 3 days of the program, and if you decide to exercise after the 3rd day, to listen to your body carefully on a daily basis.

Typically, the first 3 days tend to be the most challenging, ranging from minor to moderate symptoms, as the body is detoxing itself at a rapid pace. This is what we call a “healing crisis“. Not everyone experiences a healing crisis, but those who do, usually feel the symptoms ease off by day 3 or 4 of the program. When this happens, it is a sign that your body has cleansed the majority of the toxins from the circulatory system and liver. By days 5, 6 or 7, the majority of participants report feeling more energetic, light, and most of their digestive symptoms have been cleared, including gas, bloating, and irregular bowel movements.

After you have completed your Transformation and have reached your healthy body goals, your Transformation Coordinator will have you commence on your 20 Day Food Reintroduction period, which involves the daily reintroduction of new foods and/or meals over 20 days. This portion of the program has significantly helped program participants truly discover what foods are compatible with their bodies, and subsequently, what foods they have sensitivities to.

If you suffer from severe allergies, please consult with your primary healthcare provider to see if you are able to partake in the 10 Day Transformation.

The 10 Day Transformation can be modified to include products that are 100% gluten free.

The only supplement that you’ll be taking on the 10 Day Transformation is a pure amino acid supplement. All other general supplements may be discontinued for the duration of this program, however, you should consult with your primary healthcare provider, or one of our Transformation Coordinators prior to making any changes in your supplement program.

Absolutely! The 10 Day Transformation products are comprised from non-soy based plants, so it is entirely friendly to people who are vegetarians or vegans.

Absolutely! The 10 Day Transformation weight loss and detox program can be safely repeated several times, either back-to-back or several times per year. After you complete your initial 10 Day Transformation, if you still have additional weight to release, your Transformation Coordinator can have you repeat the program.

While we have many program participants who are on medications and have safely completed the program, we always recommend that you consult with you medical doctor before starting any program that will include changes in your diet and/or lifestyle. You may speak with one of our Transformation Coordinators if you have any questions.

We always recommend that you consult with your primary healthcare provider prior to making any changes in your diet and/or lifestyle. You may speak with one of our Transformation Coordinators if you have any questions.


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