Don’t be a New Year’s Casualty!

I got so caught up in this past year’s physical fitness goals that I completely ignored something that I generally brace myself for this time around of year. But no sooner had I stepped into the gym a week ago that I was quickly reminded of it. Reminded of what you ask? The New Year’s Resolution crowd. They come annually like snowbirds to Florida; they’re so predictable that I can essentially set my watch by them at the stroke of midnight each New Year’s Eve. And they’re so easy to distinguish from everyone else, too. They turn up in January in groups so thick that there is literally a lineup to every piece of exercise equipment at the gym. Then around mid to late March they begin fading away one by one like game birds being picked off by hunters. By April, they’re basically all gone. These periodic “birds” are the joke of the fitness center every year. The question is, will YOU be just one of them? You certainly do not have to be. Every person who is in good shape right now who was just somebody that was merely beginning or coming back on the horse after letting themselves go a little. So starting with a clean slate is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It actually should be praised. Starting new and fresh means that you have stepped up to the plate to do something that many individuals in the house just are not willing to do for themselves. The method is not to let everything end just as swiftly as it started. I’ll give you the secret to being the last man or female standing when everybody else has actually “flown back north” because they couldn’t hack it. Establish your weight-loss and health and fitness goals NOW. Make them as specific as possible. The outfit or pant/dress size you want, your ideal weight, the outfit you want to wear, the reaction you wish to obtain. Write it all out in vivid detail in your journal that you have daily visibility to. Research has actually shown that clearly written goals are greater than 2x more likely to come to fruition compared to those that are not. When you go in the health club, ignore everyone else there. Don’t pay any attention to those tanned and toned physiques that appear like they should have taken years to put together. Pay no attention to the show-off in the corner of the gym doing some elaborate upside-down physical exercise with chains, ropes, and 2 machines. They aren’t your concern. It’s everything about you. Your goals. Your exercise. Your body. Your results. Go on and take that “before” selfie. Look at it everyday as you work away from the old you and towards the new you. If you can simply make it through the initial few months you have actually considerably enhanced your chances of being around for the long haul. Do not cheat yourself by being one of this year’s health club casualties. If you can not make it to a gym, that’s fine too. Workout at your home and start to do simple exercises in privacy, then start to expand your exercise regime over time. The only thing that can keep you far from your goals is you. Don’t allow that to happen. Start this year sturdy and dig as deep as you can to make sure that you keep it up until you obtain specifically what you wish. You can do it, I know you can.

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