Look & Feel Great in Just 10 Days

The fastest, healthiest, simplest and least expensive weight loss and detox program on the planet – made from natural, live, whole-food products.


Your digestive system needs a break.

Your gut is working 24/7 and while many of us do our best to eat the most nutritious and highest quality foods, and drink only the purest of liquids, there often are times when we miss the mark and we consume items which promote digestive stress, either knowingly or unknowingly. Give your digestive system a break…

So it can repair itself.

When your digestive system is not busy doing its job (digesting stuff that you've put in it), when the environment and conditions are right, it is more efficient at repairing itself at the cellular level.

So it can reset itself.

After your digestive system has repaired itself naturally and efficiently, as much as you have allowed it, it can actually reset itself to a healthier state from where it was at before you started.

So it can handle future stress.

A stronger and more vibrant digestive system can handle more stress in the future.


Imagine Achieving 90-DAYS RESULTS in ONLY 10-DAYS

All Natural Ingredients

The products on the 10-day Transformation are made of whole and natural foods, and contain zero fillers, artificial flavours, colours, excipients, fillers, artificial sweeteners, excess sugar or fat.

Super Fast and Easy Program

The 10 Day Transformation is the fastest and easiest weight loss and detoxification program. Simply follow your daily schedule and lose anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds in just 10 days.

Full Support and Guidance

Work with one of our Transformation Coordinators, to receive information and personalized support throughout your healthy weight loss and/or detoxification journey.

Natural Detoxification

Cleanse your body at the cellular level using quality nutrient dense superfoods and reset your metabolism so you can feel great and keep the excess weight off for years to come.

Non-GMO and Toxin Free

This program is pure nutrition, free of toxins, non-GMO ingredients, and are also pesticide-free as well as herbicide-free. You’ll be able to read and understand each ingredient on the label!

90 Day Results in Just 10 Days

See how fast and easy it is to lose weight and detoxify your body naturally, safely and efficiently. Participants release anywhere between 5 and 20 pounds in just 10 days and feel great!

The Green Foods Bible

The 10-Day Transformation was formulated by David Sandoval, author, entrepreneur, and founder of Purium Health Products.

David has been featured on KTLA-Los Angeles, Sirius Satellite Radio, USA Weekend, Maximum Fitness Magazine, Viva Magazine, and Personal Fitness Professional Magazine among others, and formulated the 10-Day Transformation to be the most nutritiously dense superfood cellular detoxification program in the world.

"The need for superfoods and nutritional supplementation has has never been greater than it is today."

- Keith Block MD
Foreward from The Green Foods Bible by David Sandoval

"Just finished a 10 day transformation yesterday! Shed pounds and inches, feeling amazing with increased energy and focus!"
Heather S.

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